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Washington Tech Solutions operates in the following specialty areas:

WashingtonTech Solutions is a workforce solutions leader in the United States, Canada, and International with a comprehensive service offering. In today’s market, recruiting skills are the key to finding professional employees. Express places qualified candidates at all levels and in a variety of industries. Through Wastech solutions, we can fill your contract and core positions in the following business niches*:

  •     Accounting/Financial

  •     Information Technology

  •     Engineering/Manufacturing/Technical

  •     Sales/Marketing

  •     Human Resources

  •     Health Care

  •     Scientific

  •     US Government Agencies

  •     International Organizations


  • The specialty recruiting experts at WashingtonTech Solutions have experience in the industries they serve and can equip you with the professionals who meet your criteria. Empower your search with recruiters who have access to a network of local and international industry contacts.

  •     Professional Search/Contract Staffing

  •     Permanent recruiting assistance

  •     Managed services

  •     Internal and External Risk

  •     Vendor Risk Management/Third-Party Vendor Risk Management

  •     Security and compliance 

  • Our global network is staffed by experts that know each local job market inside and out, have relationships with the best professionals in each and every marketplace, and have the proven ability to service large-scale human capital projects.

  • We provide in-debt training on how to apply the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems, International information systems, Banking Systems (PCI/DSS), Commercial Organizations FedRAMP Cloud Compliance, Unix/Linux, and Windows Administrators, Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst etc.

  • We Assist companies in building their entire third-party program, build security questionnaires SIG, Assess risk from their outsourced Vendors.

  • Perform internal and external Audits such as SOX, COBIT, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 Audit etc.

  • We ensure our client's vendors remediate all identified risks identified during assessments, ensure vendors stay within their SLA/Contracts.

  • We assist our clients to obtain certifications in PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, NIST CSF, GDPR, CCPA, NFS, SANS 20, CSA etc.

  •  Maximize your Return on Training Investment

  •  Maximizing the investment in corporate computer training is important for all companies, and Washtech assists each client with the management and measurement of their on-site technical training activities.  For small, medium or large organizations, our customized enterprise solutions offer on-site technical training that allows corporate training managers and Stakeholders the ability to easily administer their learning programs and track the progress of all participating employees.


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