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Our Expertise

WashingtonTech solutions has over 9 years of dedicated support to the U.S. federal government and commercial clients. WashingtonTech is at the forefront of technological advances, government policy, envisioning the need for IT Solutions, information and operational security, investing in facilities, corporate infrastructure and personnel to expand our service offerings as a highly qualified Information Technology/training company. Washingtontech continues to be an early adopter of advanced processes, toolsets, security technologies, and services necessary to support our federal and commercial clients. washingtontech dedication and commitment has ensured lasting relationships with our government and commercial clients over the years on how to apply Risk management framework to all thier systems before they are put into Production

At washingtontech Solutions the creation and delivery of quality expert training and certification to our students is our top priority. Our Consultants deliver instructor-led courses that addresses the education needs of many clients including managers, Information analysts, Information system security officers, Information security officers, system administrators, stakeholders  and end users. As an alternative to the classroom, our customers may select technology-based training options including web-based learning solutions (online) which can be geared for various levels of expertise and in-class.  Additionally, we offer Education consulting services (needs analysis, skills assessment and more to clients who require a total learning solution.

Our instructors are among the best in North America, having received awards and recognition from their respective diciplines, they are experienced professionals with leading IT certifications and recognized teaching credentials. Our instructors have to go through a rigorous certification process before they are allowed to teach a class:

  • Attend the class they are to teach.

  • Attend a advance certifications from authorized Training companies.

  • Study time is provided

  • Highest level Education

  • We are accountable for your education experience with us. This high level of quality measurement and accountability includes:

  • weekly evaluations allow for immediate resolution of customer issues.

  • Online Evaluations that every student fills out at the end of the class..

  • Evaluation results are recorded. Our teachers are accountable so that you receive the level of education you deserve.

Learn from the best IT Instuctors
  • Washington Tech Solutions offers a variety of flexible learning options enabling you to train anywhere at any time.

  • All our curriculum is developed & constructed aligned to real life IT job roles.

  • Delivery by an extensive network of industry leading expert instructors.

  • washtechSolutions integrated program to enable extensive career progression.

  • Job Placement assistance and internship opportunities

  • Flexible Training Formats

Washington Tech Solutions provide support for different learning styles and situations by offering a broad choice of different learning formats, from technical instructor led courses, to education consulting services, to self-paced technology based training. We can give you the education you need in the format that best suits your learning style and budget

Key benefits
Our Vision

To Training promote the development of key security standards and guidelines to support the implementation of and compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) including:

  • Standards for categorizing information and information systems by mission impact

  • Standards for minimum security requirements for information and information systems

  • Guidance for selecting appropriate security controls for information systems

  • Guidance for assessing security controls in information systems and determining security control effectiveness

  • Guidance for the security authorization of information systems

  • Guidance for monitoring the security controls and the security authorization of information systems

  • Washington Tech Solutions offers Risk Advisory 

  • Regulatory Compliance, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and OMB Circular A-123 audits

  •  Process Improvement

  •  System Pre & Post Implementation Reviews

  • Washington Tech Solutions offers 

  •  Permanent Job Placement

  • Temporary Staffing for IT Security professionals and Admins

  •  Staff Augmentation Services

Leading To .....
  • The implementation of cost-effective, risk-based information security programs

  • The establishment of a level of security due diligence for federal agencies and contractors supporting the federal government

  • More consistent and cost-effective application of security controls across the federal information technology infrastructure

  • More consistent, comparable, and repeatable security control assessments

  • A better understanding of enterprise-wide mission risks resulting from the operation of information systems

  • More complete, reliable, and trustworthy information for authorizing officials--facilitating more informed security authorization decisions

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