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Managing the risks posed by the large network of third parties associated with a company is becoming increasingly complex. With the increasing amount of Ransomware attacks and data breaches happening due to third-party relationships. How could the lack of appropriate controls within your third-party network impact your business?. How does the financial health or cyber hygiene of your third parties affect your decisions on maintaining those relationships?

To be recognized as a responsible business it's essential to have strong governance and oversight on your extended enterprise. This includes visibility and influence over supply chain continuity, regulatory, cyber, data privacy, and other material third-party risks.

Washington Tech Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) managed service solution can help your firm identify, detect, assess and manage risks posed by the interconnected network of third-party relationships. The solution enables greater control of risk and opportunities and improves visibility and performance over your third parties in risk areas such as resiliency, sustainability, (environment, social & governance), financial crime, and more.

We provide a well-trained and experienced team to help facilitate third-party assessments collaborating with Legal, procurement, and business line during the due diligence process.

We provide security assessments and auditing ranging from various security standards such as NIST CSF/NIST 800-53/NIST 800-171/PCI-DSS/HITRUST/ISO-27001/SANS/FDIC/OCC/NFS/GDPR/CCPA and more...

Over the past years, we have conducted more than 100,000 third-party risk assessments across various risk areas and industries in different countries, so you can trust the quality of our service.

We will help build your entire third-party risk management program from scratch and develop security control questionnaires that will reduce risk both internally and externally.

Monitoring: Our risk practitioners perform ongoing analysis using data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to identify emerging or new issues regarding the third-party portfolio.

Remediation: Are you finding it difficult to record and manage the rectification tasks that result from risk assessments and inspections?. We track remediation activities to completion, managing the end-to-end process and escalating items as required.



We support all types of industries, health/Medical, Banking, Agriculture, Engineering, Education etc.

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